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Once your treatment is completed, it is crucial that your new smile be maintained to avoid relapse back to your original condition. Over many decades, countless patients who have gone through orthodontic treatment have suffered undesired movement of their teeth. The most common reasons for relapse are 1) non-compliance with retainers, 2) lost retainers without replacement, 3) damaged retainers due to pets and negligence and 4) loss of permanent teeth without proper management. Many patients who seek retreatment were told years ago that their retainers were only necessary for a short period of time. We now know after much evidence that tooth movement is a lifelong process and thus, requires retention almost indefinitely.

One viable solution to this dilemma is the placement of permanent retainers, which are thin, low-profile wires bonded discretely with clear adhesive to the back sides of the upper and lower front teeth. The two potential pitfalls to this approach are 1) breakage due to a variety of factors such as trauma and 2) easier accumulation of plaque and tartar on the teeth.

To combat these limitations, a strict schedule of professional dental cleanings at least every 6 months as well as supplementation with removable clear retainers that are worn just at night has given thousands of our treated patients with permanent retainers the luxury and peace of mind of maintaining a beautiful smile for many years.

We offer complimentary placement of permanent retainers as well as one set of upper and lower removable clear retainers as part of your all-inclusive treatment fee. We also offer the opportunity to purchase our Smile Guarantee Plan, which extends the option for unlimited clear retainers and unlimited repairs to your permanent retainers for as long as you remain on the plan. In addition, on a case by case basis, we will put your braces back on or resume your Invisalign treatment at absolutely no charge until you are fully satisfied!

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