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Damon Smile Braces in Fort Worth

Think all braces are the same? Introducing Damon Smile® braces!




Tieless braces that don’t need to be tightened and are gentle on teeth and gums



Reduced forces combined with a compact design = Healthier teeth and gums



Memory-shape archwires that gradually and continuously move teeth into alignment



Individualized treatment plans built to suit your specific needs



Longer intervals result in fewer needed appointments and greater flexibility

Damon Smile® braces have changed the way we can treat orthodontic patients today

This revolutionary system utilizes a unique passive self-ligating bracket and very light forces to achieve results beyond previously conceived expectations. Orthodontic treatment is now less time-consuming and more comfortable than ever before.

Damon Smile® braces utilize a patented built-in sliding door that holds your archwire securely in place, thereby allowing it to move more freely to straighten your teeth. We use very gentle pressure while working with the natural forces of your body to allow your dental arches to develop the way they were designed to function. In most cases, this is accomplished in far less time with fewer appointments and with greater comfort!

Damon Smile® braces are smaller than many traditional braces, making them easier to clean and less noticeable. We want your experience with braces to be manageable and not interfere with your lifestyle. Damon Smile® braces not only can reduce your treatment time, but have been clinically proven to reduce the need for expanders, headgears and extractions. Damon Smile® braces clearly have many advantages, but the most important is providing you with a beautiful smile!

We want to make your treatment as comfortable as possible and fit easily into your busy schedule. Ask about the unique opportunity to pair your Damon Smile® braces treatment with digital remote appointments through Dental Monitoring.

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