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5 Facts About Braces 


1. The metal used to make braces were first made by NASA.

A lot of what we use in our lives today was developed originally for NASA. Memory foam, for example, was first developed for use on the space shuttle, because it was lightweight and could be compacted, while still being perfectly comfortable to sit or sleep on. Some braces wires use nickel-titanium, which is a metal that was produced specifically for use in space shuttles because it is heat-activated and can be made to remember a specific shape. This makes it perfect for braces wires!


2. There are perks to having brackets cemented to your teeth.

One of the biggest fears of those who get metal braces is the concern that they won’t be able to clean the part of the tooth that the bracket is secured to for however long their treatment is. Luckily, the cement that is used to adhere metal brackets to the tooth (which is thoroughly cleaned before the bracket is applied) actually releases fluoride into the tooth. That actually improves the health of the teeth while you are also straightening them!


3. You’re actually never too old to have braces.

Most people believe that if they don’t get braces while they are teenagers, they are officially too old to have braces at all. The truth is actually the opposite. While the vast majority of braces wearers are teenagers, that definitely doesn’t mean that an adult is too old to get braces. In fact, there are millions of people eighteen and older that are wearing braces right now. It does not matter how old you are—we can likely find an orthodontic treatment that will work for you.




4. All orthodontists are dentists.

While most people see a separate orthodontist and dentist (unless you live in a very small town where your orthodontist is also your dentist), all orthodontists are actually dentists. Only about six percent of dentists, on the other hand, are orthodontists. What does this mean? It means that your teeth are in the very best possible hands when you are at the orthodontist. There is no one who knows about the health of your mouth than your orthodontist!



5. Braces aren’t the only way to get straight teeth.

If you have crooked teeth that you want straightened, either to just have a more beautiful smile or to make your teeth easier to clean and maintain, traditional metal braces are far from your only option. Invisalign is one of the newer options, but there are other bracket and wire treatments that might be more applicable to you and your situation than a traditional set of metal braces.

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