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treatment centers in Florida

treatment centers in Florida

Solace Behavioral Health is one of the pioneer outpatient treatment centers in Florida with highly rewarding psychiatry and counseling services. Our licensed and compassionate team of staff work closely with each of our patients and play an integral role in their journey towards sobriety.

Role of counseling in recovery from addiction

One-on-one counseling sessions are an integral part of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. At our treatment centers in Florida, we use counseling in combination with other evidence-based modalities to treat addiction and the co-occurring mental health issues in individuals. Even with medical detox, individuals are at high risk for relapse if they do not follow it up with counseling.

The main goal of counseling in recovery is to identify the underlying cause of addiction and co-occurring mental health issues. By understanding the root cause of addiction, your therapist can create a customized treatment plan and help patients overcome their mental health issues. Besides, counseling also plays a major role in preparing a recovering addict’s mind and body to lead a drug-free life after treatment.

Counseling involves training recovering addicts on a variety of mental exercises and equipping them with essential skills to overcome triggers, stressful situations, and cravings effectively. It also enables recovering addicts to develop a positive outlook on life and allows them to lead a fulfilling and gratifying life. Furthermore, counseling in the form of ongoing care after treatment can help strengthen and solidify an individual’s commitment to sobriety in the long term.

When should I consider medical detox?

If you suffer from a moderate-to-severe level of addiction, you should consider medical detox. Medical detox reduces the impact of withdrawal symptoms by removing the toxic remains from your body caused by long-term alcohol or drug addiction. By removing the toxic wastes and drug remains from your system, detox reduces the intensity of your withdrawal symptoms. Without medical detox, individuals can experience a great deal of physical pain and mental agony in the withdrawal phase.

Also, your efforts to overcome addiction on your own can prove futile, and you may end up relapsing in no time. You must seek the help of a skilled treatment center to help you attain recovery with a custom medical detox procedure.

Overcoming addiction to TMS therapy

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or TMS is one of the most effective noninvasive treatments that help individuals overcome addiction and the co-occurring mental health issues such as OCD, anxiety, PTSD, depression, etc. This therapy uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate less active parts of the human brain. This way, TMS therapy helps improve mood in individuals and helps them overcome a variety of mental health issues.

During a TMS session, our therapist will place an electromagnet on the patient’s head and release small magnetic bursts to underperforming parts of the brain. This therapy plays an integral role in helping patients attain improved mental wellness.

Call us at 855.276.5223 for more details on our treatment centers in Florida. Solace Behavioral Health is a top-rated treatment facility with the highest success rate in helping patients attain sustainable recovery from addiction and co-occurring mental disorders.

treatment centers in Florida
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treatment centers in Florida
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