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Outpatient Rehab Orange County

Outpatient treatment is a recovery service that happens during the day and may occur outside the premise of a typical rehab facility. We have outpatient programs that fit the molds of both the regular outpatient service and intensive outpatient services. Our staff evaluates outgoing patients of an inpatient service to assess their eligibility for the outpatient program.

Primary services in an outpatient rehab facility

Outpatient rehab in Orange County will follow four protocols of service.

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy – The supervisory staff studies the mental habits of the patients and establishes which ones are detrimental to the recovery process. The patient will have a list of coping strategies and prevention methods to prevent relapses due to misconstrued mental notes.
  • Motivational sessions – The service approaches the patient’s woes with compassion and a non-judgmental manner. The therapy will reduce negative self-talk and a lack of self will while recovering.
  • Intensive family systemic therapy – The patient’s family and friends have a huge role to play. They offer an environment which could either improve the recovery or destroy all progress. The therapist will suggest a lifestyle that will accommodate the patient’s healing.
  • Contingency management – The patient receives small rewards after every milestone of recovery. The gifts are incentives to maintain a drug-free lifestyle.

Signs that one fits outpatient services

  • Mild withdrawal
  • Minor addiction problem
  • Existence of a robust support system at home and in the social world
  • A will to eliminate all daily routines that expose one to drugs
  • A first time patient of drug recovery – Re-occurring disorders require inpatient attention
  • Limited finances that will not accommodate inpatient services or luxury transitional living
  • A simple need to refresh the lessons for additional information and support after completion of all 12 steps of recovery

When should one begin outpatient services?


There is no a right or wrong way for one to undergo outpatient rehabilitation. You could talk to Coastline Behavioral Health to get into one of our outpatient programs even if you did not attend the inpatient facilities. The examiner will substantiate your information and sign in to a fitting outpatient service in one of the Orange County facilities.

Candidates who seek outpatient services are usually trying to escape a toxic home environment, temptation, or a small relapse. Other times they are just preparing for a vacation that will include close association with friends and family that enjoy their drink.

After leaving the inpatient program

Some people prefer to go through the outpatient program before resuming their healthy lives. It is possible to get admission into the facility even when the medical staff cleared you to go back home.

Types of outpatient services

Intensive outpatient

This service is a few steps away from the inpatient service. It has a structured program and will require that the patient adheres to the daily and weekly schedules of attendance. It may involve screening to track the patient’s progress. The only difference will be that the patient can return home every night.

Regular outpatient

This outpatient rehab in Orange County maintains the structure and timeline of the intensive service. It is less intense because patients are not under the watchful eye of the facility and other relevant parties.


Outpatient Rehab Orange County
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Outpatient Rehab Orange County
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