Dental Veneers Fort Worth

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Dental Veneers Fort Worth

Dental Veneers Fort Worth

Check into the benefits of dental veneers in Fort Worth when you’re looking for a way to improve your smile without spending a lot of money. Modern veneers do a terrific job of covering up imperfections that can make your teeth look less-than-flattering. If you’re currently comparing cosmetic treatments and are worried about the costs, take a moment to visit Dr. David J Greer online to read about your options; you may find that dental veneers are the ideal treatment for your new smile. Schedule an appointment with our staff today to inquire about veneers; reach us at 817-731-2821.

5 Reasons to Consider Dental Veneers

1. If your teeth are discolored, a cosmetic dentist may recommend whitening to remove stains and improve the appearance of your teeth; however, whitening does not resolve all types of discoloration. For example, if staining is the result of prescription medications, whitening may not help at all. A teeth whitening dentist may refer you to Dr. Greer to check into veneers to cover stained teeth and give your smile a complete makeover.

2. Are you thinking about braces to close minor gaps between your teeth? Top-rated dentists can offer you an alternative to wearing braces; veneers can even hide gaps between teeth, provided your teeth are not significantly spaced. By requesting a consultation visit in our dental clinic, you can learn more about the advantages of choosing dental veneers in Fort Worth.

3. You may be dealing with the unique problem of oddly-shaped teeth or teeth that are somewhat different in their size. Veneers can create the appearance of a full arc of teeth that are all of the same size, so that when you smile, the only thing others around you will notice is that you possess a beautiful smile. If you’re conscious of other people staring at your teeth, contact us for more information about veneers.

4. Over time, teeth can become chipped and cracked, giving them a worn-out appearance when in fact, they’re still quite healthy. If minor aesthetic imperfections are hindering your smile, our dental providers can help by hiding chips and cracks with veneers. You’ll be amazed by the dramatic change in your smile’s appearance after having veneers placed.

5. Do you worry about the high costs of cosmetic treatment? You don’t have to fear the cost of a smile makeover when you choose dental veneers in Fort Worth. Not only are veneers an affordable alternative to more costly procedures, but Dr. David J Greer’s office makes it easy to pay for treatment, as well. We accept all PPO insurance plans and credit cards as payment for veneers.

What’s keeping you from scheduling an appointment to learn about the many perks of choosing veneers? You can set up a consultation visit or a second opinion appointment by calling 817-731-2821 or by connecting with us through our website. Let us know when you call or message that you’re interested in dental veneers and we;ll pass along the information to our staff.

Dental Veneers Fort Worth
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Dental Veneers Fort Worth
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