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Braces In Fort Worth

Fort Worth Orthodontic Specialists would like to invite you to our dental clinic for a free consultation if you need braces in Fort Worth. We will perform an oral examination and determine if you are a good candidate for braces. Fort Worth Orthodontic Specialists provides orthodontic services for children and braces for adults in Fort Worth, TX. Our clinic has a number of quality options for all people who need teeth straightening.

If you would like to schedule your first appointment or learn more about our practice, feel free to contact us at any time during normal business hours at 817-806-1498. You can contact us 24/7/365 via the contact form on this website, which you can access by clicking here. If we miss your call, we will respond as soon as we get your message.

What are the Pros and Cons of Braces?

Like everything else in life, orthodontics, and braces in general, are not a perfect solution for everybody. We would like to inform you about some of the pros and cons associated with braces and what your other options might be. Please, take your time and consider your options carefully, or contact Fort Worth Orthodontic Specialists to get the information you need from a knowledgeable orthodontist.

Pros of Braces

Braces are a viable option for many. As you will see, there are more advantages than disadvantages with braces. Here are some of the pros of braces:

  • Braces are very effective, perhaps more effective at straightening teeth than any other orthodontic solution.
  • Braces can be tuned to provide just the right amount of pull If braces are too tight, we can loosen them. Likewise, if the braces are too loose, we can tighten them to straighten the teeth faster.
  • The simple assembly of braces makes maintenance very easy.

Cons of Braces

To learn more about the downside of braces, contact Fort Worth Orthodontic Specialists today. Here are some of the cons of braces:

  • Once braces are set, they will remain on the teeth until the teeth are straightened. Therefore, if you change your mind later and decide you want to try another teeth straightening option, it will be too late.
  • Braces are comprised of metal brackets and wires. Therefore, it's not uncommon to scrape your cheek and even bleed a little bit from braces, especially at first when the patient is getting used to the braces.
  • Braces can be expensive. Depending on your need, braces can cost more than other orthodontic treatment options, such as Invisalign.

What are Good Alternatives to Braces?

If you are thinking about getting braces in Fort Worth, we advise that you come in for a consultation and assessment first. Then, we can discuss your best options with you. Perhaps you will be interested in learning about Invisalign, a clear, non-metal teeth-straightening solution. Invisalign has a lot of benefits. For example, Invisalign can be removed when eating or brushing. Invisalign is generally more comfortable than braces, and for teens, Invisalign is a favorite because most teens become self-conscious when they have metal braces on their teeth. If you need Invisalign or braces in Fort Worth, contact us today.

Braces In Fort Worth
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Braces In Fort Worth
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