Adult Orthodontist Fort Worth

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Adult Orthodontist Fort Worth

You will find the best adult orthodontist in Fort Worth at Fort Worth Orthodontic Specialists. Adults are often hesitant to seek orthodontic care because they are afraid they cannot afford it. Others fear that there will be a lot of pain involved in the process. There are also adults who fear how braces will affect their overall visual aesthetic.

The best way to look at getting braces as an adult is that you are investing in the future of your smile. Orthodontic care can help improve the longevity and the overall appearance of your smile. Since your smile is usually the first thing people notice when meeting you, it is understandable to want to look good. Adult braces don't have to be painful or unsightly because the world of orthodontic care has come a long way.

Invisalign Option

Most adults who require braces want them not to be noticed, as they are self-conscious about how they would look. Hunky metal braces are a thing of the past. You don't have to worry about drawing attention to your smile when you opt for Invisalign. Invisalign is a clear alternative to traditional braces. Each client is fitted for a specialized clear plastic mouthpiece that is hardly noticeable. The mouthpiece is comfortable and made to fit each client's specific needs. At least six months of this treatment is suggested before trying other orthodontic options. Invisalign is not just for adults, but it can also be used by children and teens. At our dental facility, we are familiar with the best ways to provide Invisalign services to our clients in Fort Worth. You can count on us for excellent service and quality care at an affordable rate.


Retainers are a part of orthodontic treatment, no matter which way you go about it. Each retainer is made to fit the mouth of each specific client, as all clients are unique and different. If adjustments need to be made for comfort, our staff is happy to do so. We can answer your queries and provide you with guidance on how to achieve the best smile possible. Feeling your best can start with looking your best. Taking advantage of the various orthodontic treatment for adults can help give you the confidence boost you didn't know you needed. All retainers are made with the highest quality materials to meet the dental criteria of every client.

Costs and Charges

The cost and fees associated with getting braces as an adult depends on a number of different factors. Regardless of what treatment option you choose, we offer special financing options for eligible patients. You can get the dental treatment you need and pay for it over time. Everyone has different financial circumstances, but all people should have access to the dental care they need. Contact us at Fort Worth Orthodontic Specialists to schedule a consultation about your dental health. Our dental experts will work with you to create a customized treatment plan that will suit your needs and your budget.

Adult Orthodontist Fort Worth
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Adult Orthodontist Fort Worth
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